How to organize your work, home and life

Time is an important non-renewable resource that can be used more effectively by organizing your work, your office and yourself. In this book, time management expert H.Taylor explains step-by-step.

In Focus: McKinsey - The Effect of COVID-19 on L&D

Two prominent L&D leaders at McKinsey & Co. discuss many of the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has had on corporate learning & development and how successful companies and leaders are reacting.

The Myths and Realities of Teamwork

The book focuses on the key milestones that mark a team’s journey to high performance, without being naïve to the challenges and the pitfalls; hence the title The Myths and Realities of Teamwork.

Positive Change

Practical, proven approaches and techniques to coping with change and to planning, implementing and making the change process work successfully.

Blended Learning

Explore the advantages of choosing a blended learning approach to training and how to introduce it for the maximum benefit of both your organisation and your learners.

Building an Effective Team

Management takes time, commitment and skill. It is easy to underestimate. It can seem daunting. Success is, to a large extent, in the detail. How do you get it all right?

How to Motivate your Team

Fact: people work harder and more effectively if they are motivated. This book shows how managers can motivate people in a way that is neither costly nor time-consuming.


Originally, an icebreaker was used at the start of a training course to “break the ice” between people who were out of their normal workplace environment and perhaps feeling nervous and apprehensive.

Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 2

As organizations exploit the marketplace, they stop exploring and learning in critical ways that guarantee future success. The solution is the practice of organizational ambidexterity.

Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 1

As organizations exploit the marketplace, they stop exploring and learning in critical ways that guarantee future success. The solution is the practice of organizational ambidexterity.

Managing through Change

This textbook introduces the reader to what managing change is all about. Change is the only constant so it’s important that you know how to manage and drive through change.

Learning Maps for Managers

Learning maps are radiant ways of organising information by showing the connection and inter-relatedness between the central topic, and supporting information.

Diversity and Inclusivity at Work

Diversity and inclusivity is important for any business, not just to increase the efficacy but also to build a global brand and increase the customer base. Know your diversity quotient.

Embracing a Culture Driven By Feedback

We will uncover the What, the Why, & the How to embrace a culture driven by feedback. Practical application exercises are provided to build your muscle, as you embark on your cultural transformation.

Conflict, Discipline & Grievance

Managers should know how to handle different conflict situations in a satisfactory conciliatory manner. Conflict can be interpersonal, group or organisational.

Data Protection (GDPR) Guide

This guide contains a set of guidelines related to protecting the personal data of a private company or public organization.

International Business Dynamics

The differences in consumer expectations, demanding regulatory regimes, and recurrent economic recessions coupled with advanced digital technologies are changing the international business landscape.

Critical Thinking in the Workplace

Successful employees possess critical-thinking skills. Thinking critically is the ability to analyze a concept objectively, considering the facts and differing perspectives to reach a sound.

Administration Skills

Effective modern administration requires the development of multiple skills which should enable an administrator to lead a high-performance team.

Supply Chain Management

This book describes the fundamentals of supply chain management and is likely to be of great use to management personnel at various levels.

Audiobook: Management Basics

The main topics covered in this audiobook are planning, organizing, leading and controlling, as well as issues such as competitive advantage, team structure trust and flowcharting.

Leading Ambidextrous Organizations – Part 3

As organizations exploit the marketplace, they stop exploring and learning in critical ways that guarantee future success. The solution is the practice of organizational ambidexterity.

Project Management State of Practice

Section 1 discusses project management current reality and identifies the practice gaps in the current state of practice. Section 2 offers answers on filling the practice gaps.

Team Performance Unleashed!

This eBook is about how to boost team performance in a business or project setting. Based on a people-centered approach to leadership and elaborates on 4 power pillars to skyrocket team productivity.

Managerial Technology Evaluation

The book introduces a meta-process for managers who need to carry out technology selections. The book particularly covers visual methodology evaluation and also includes an example application.

Non-Cooperative Games

Part I of An Introduction to Game Theory gives a thorough presentation of the non-cooperative theory. Knowledge of mathematics corresponding to one semester of university studies is required.

Leadership Styles Uncovered

Leadership Styles Uncovered: How Good Leaders Can Become Great Leaders focuses on the fundamentals of leadership that transcend organizational boundaries including character, values, and integrity.

What do HR People do?

Organisations can be bewildering. So can management. This accessible online book tries to sort out some of the simple aspects of both while preserving some of the best academic thinking.

Counselling Skills

This eBook introduces you to the “counselling approach”, which is a managerial way of counselling staff.

Embedding Team Learning

Embedding team learning is about ensuring the time and money spent in training and developing teams is the best possible fit for the organisation, the team itself and the individuals.

Expert Talk: Developing Leaders and Teams

After a career as a TV news journalist and her reinventing herself a couple of times, Katie is now developing leaders and teams to inspirational performance.

Organize an Event Project

This eBook (3/7; CAMMP™ Case Studies and Simulation series) includes a full case study of a completed project.

Cooperative Games

Part II of An Introduction to Game Theory gives a thorough presentation of the cooperative theory and can be read before Part I. Knowledge of mathematics corresponding to one semester of university.

Digital Training @Work

This book focuses on improving organizational interactions and employee learning through communication strategies associated with effective digital training and development experiences.

Expert Talk: Gutsy Leadership

How do you want to be perceived? Learn how to speak your results as an expert of influence in your field and industry.

Keep Moving: Remote Leadership

Working remotely brings about unique challenges. How can you get the most out of your teams and bring out the best in everyone?

Voices from the Middle

This book presents a well argued case for developing middle managers and offers both case studies and practical guidance for established and aspiring leaders and postgraduate students.

Expert Talk: Keeping to Your Annual Goals

Sharing knowledge and experience with the help of many high-profile entrepreneurs, these Expert Talks are designed to help those starting their own businesses.

Building Stronger Organizations

This book will discuss and cover several important areas of expertise that most organization’s HR functions: Assessments, Employee Development, and Organizational Development.

Introduction to International Business

Introduction to International Business: People Places, and Ideas examines of the economic, social, and logistical aspects of global business.

Unleashing Blue Sky Thinking

This book aims to provide the 21st century business leader with the requisite rites of passage to discover their hidden and unrealized potential so that they begin to unleash it in their working life.

DP Audit Report

An example of a Data Protection (DP) GDPR - related Audit Report with audit findings and recommendations for a fictitious company.

Scenario Analysis for Managers

Scenario Analysis for Managers is a hands-on introduction to performing scenario analysis, with a focus on developing your individual knowledge of scenario planning and your own foresight skills.

Expert Talk: Business Digitalization

Learn how your relationships with data, customers, competition, value, and innovation change in the digital space. Learn the top four questions you must ask before getting started.

Expert Talk: Adjusting your Tech Mindset

Too often, CFOs, tech strategists, service providers, and IT departments are the last to learn about a new initiative. Involve your tech people early in the process to get the best results.

Expert Talk: How to be a Productive Leader

Jennifer interviews Sally Foley-Lewis. Sally is obsessed with productive leadership. We learn why it’s essential to have a magnet in our heart, a compass in our head, and an oxygen mask as a reminder.

Guidance and Counselling in Schools

This book is an attempt to provide an insight into the way guidance and counselling programme needs to be organised in schools, and will be useful to educators as well as counsellors.

Expert Talk: The Golden Rules of Office Politics

Over five episodes, avoid the most common political mistakes and discover better options that increase our chances of success. Learn the five most important political rules.

DP Audit Support Tools 2

A set of thirteen additional Data Protection Audit questionnaires to support better DP (GDPR) Audits.

GDPR Gap Analysis by Article

The guide for managers to evaluate Gaps in complying with GDPR article requirements better and avoid fines and sanctions.

Expert Talk: Not Another Crypto Show

Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, blockchain... So what does it all mean? Blockchain Technology is the most significant innovation since the Internet and it is about to take the world by storm.

Expert Talk: Remote Work - Virtual Assistant

Tune in to the conversation Chris has with guest Melissa Smith. Melissa is the Founder & CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants. She and Chris talk about the need to inspire.

Introduction to Game Theory

This textbook provides an overview of the field of game theory which analyses decision situations that have the character of games.

CSR: Management as Part of a Social System

By thinking of CSR and business as part of these systems, we are better able to understand how the "Social" in CSR is important in social, political, and economic contexts.

Organisational Behaviour

This book provides an insight into the patterns of organisational behaviour – which keep on changing constantly – and also how managerial personnel can ensure desirable employee behaviour.

DP Audit Support Tools 1

A set of Data Protection Audit support tools (guidelines, templates, etc.) to support better DP (GDPR) Audits.

Expert Talk: Intuitive Decisions with Dr. Mega

Leaders often have to make split-second decisions. Neuroscience consultant and mindset change & mindfulness coach Dr. Francesca Mega’s suggestion on how to make better ones: Intuition.

In Focus: What Does Your Company Brand Stand For?

Brook Calverley of People-Made discusses the gap between what brands promise and what they deliver. In today’s world, customers are increasingly concerned with what brands stand for.

Introduction to the Service Supply Chain

Globalization has resulted in organisations outsourcing services to drive cost efficiencies. There is greater complexity due to competencies distributed across the entire service supply chain network.

What do Managers do?

Organisations can be bewildering. So can management. This accessible online book tries to sort out some of the simple aspects of both while preserving some of the best academic thinking.

Expert Talk: How to Help Kids Organise Themselves

Primary school children have the ability to collaborate and get great things done together. That’s the view of teacher Julie McCracken, author of Clean Language in the Classroom.

Organisational Myths – Volume 1

Covering subjects ranging from excessive auditing and imposing best practice to the dangers of meetings and fear of AI, Volume 1 of Organisational Myths is a vital and challenging taster for Volume 2.

Expert Talk: Office Politics - Change it

We now arrive that the final important stage in our Antidote No 1 for confronting political conflicts and it is all about options and change.

Expert Talk: Business Overwhelm

Business overwhelm shows up differently depending on your personality type. We’ll help you identify needs and strategies for finding and getting the support you and your organization needs.

Expert Talk: Office Politics - Ask Questions

The second step in our strategy for political success focuses on the art of asking questions, as questions increase clarity and help us find new options.

What else do Managers do?

Organisations can be bewildering. So can management. This accessible online book tries to sort out some of the simple aspects of both while preserving some of the best academic thinking.

Expert Talk: Organisation Recruitment

Nathaniel interviews amazing experts. People who have started, built and been part of some of the largest brands in the world and made a huge impact.

What do Organisations look like?

Organisations can be bewildering. So can management. This accessible online book tries to sort out some of the simple aspects of both while preserving some of the best academic thinking.

Enterprise Architecture

This eBook provides a basic introduction to the concept of Enterprise Architecture – an emerging discipline that helps to structure and interrelate the various elements of an enterprise.

Keep Moving: Thankful and Resilient Leadership

Want to build a more resilient organization? Learn why surrender opens you to grace and appreciation. We discuss how gratitude for others improves your leadership and builds a resilient organization.

In Focus: The Future of Professional Learning

In this interview, the Head of Learning at Kaplan Financial discusses, among other things, the future of professional education in companies after the current pandemic.

Expert Talk: Amazing Stories of Everyday People

In this Expert Talk, Roxana interviews Carolyn Kiel, designer of learning and development programs to help companies develop their talents, navigate change and achieve their business goals.

Keep Moving: Accountability in Organisations

What happens when there’s no accountability? How do you make accountability a core part of your culture and the core value of your team? Learn the 8 great accountability skills for business success.

Expert Talk: M&A and Company Culture

Tune in to hear from Chris’ guest, Darien, who has been in the Talent industry since 2001 and leads Mackenzie Eason’s Talent Consulting division.