Performing under Pressure

Working under pressure reduces productivity, threatens effectiveness, creativity and results and does neither individual nor organisation any good.

Daily Planning

Master Daily Planning and give yourself space to breathe and develop. Become more effective and efficient, do more in less time, reduce stress, free up time for development and be a super planner!

Personal Confidence & Motivation

Do you have the self belief and confidence to make a difference? Do you “just know” that you’ll succeed no matter what?

Productivity and Productive Efficiency

This book will make you discover several productivity tools that will help in boosting your productivity. You will learn to use these tools and strategies to set, manage and keep an eye on your goals.

Keep Moving: Structuring Your Workday from Home

If you’ve suddenly found yourself working from home, then you probably see the need for structure. This Expert Talk lays out an entire workday and workweek in a clear and concise way.

Leading Virtual Teams

To engage and motivate virtual teams to get successful results, we need to have new skillsets to create new mindsets. Learn how to successfully lead remote teams in this ‘new normal’ world of work.

Focus, Persistence & Resilience

The skills of focus, persistence and resilience are three ingredients for a successful career and life. Persistence is keeping going despite setbacks.

Virtual Team Effectiveness

With the author’s first-hand knowledge of virtual teams, this book offers recommendations on best practices for virtual (remote) work and how organizations can support their successful virtual teams.

How to Set Up an Office at Home

This book outlines how to convert a room at home into a work oriented office, and suggests ways of making money while you sleep through e-commerce on your website.

Making Stress Work for You

This book provides the information and strategies necessary to reduce or nullify the impact of stress on your health and performance.

Sleep: a time management strategy

In this brief book, Harold discusses the importance of sleep and its impact on personal productivity, organizing skills, and health and well-being.

The Ultimate A-Z of Home Working

Whether you are an employee working from home for the first time or a seasoned homeworker, The Ultimate A-Z of Home Working is a must-read.

How to Keep on Top of Your Job

You can stop playing catch-up at work and eliminate the stress of urgent tasks, an ever-increasing backlog, and last minute interruptions by being more proactive at work. This book tells you how.

Goal Setting for Success

‘Goal Setting for Success’ is a very practical book which takes you through the key stages and principles of setting and achieving your goals.

Procrastinate less & get more done

95% of people admit that they procrastinate, and it is impossible to stop completely; but by simply reducing procrastination, they can greatly increase personal productivity.

Keep Moving: Making Working From Home Effective

Three main elements can create a comprehensive strategy making working from home effective especially in times of uncertainty. These are Safe & Happy, Behavioural Maturity and Higher Level Thinking.

Expert Talk: Culture and Conflict in Remote Teams

Remote-working expert Lisette Sutherland loves to see great teams can come together to solve big problems regardless of distance. That takes a special kind of collaboration.

Urgent versus Important

The tyranny of the urgent versus the important is familiar to us all. This book reviews the aspects of time management that involve working with key priorities as a route to achieving more.

Expert Talk: Remote Work - Virtual Assistant

Tune in to the conversation Chris has with guest Melissa Smith. Melissa is the Founder & CEO of the Association of Virtual Assistants. She and Chris talk about the need to inspire.

Micro Talk: Distractions versus Productivity

Managing your time while working from home can be a challenge. Although not having the interruptions of the office can increase our productivity, distractions can reduce this.

Expert Talk: 5 Tips For Working From Home

Whether you are now suddenly working from home due to the pandemic, or you are trying out what it's like to work from home, follow these tips for more success.

Keep Moving: Tips for Managing Your Remote Team

This Expert Talk will help you excel at leading your remote team. You will learn how to set your team up to succeed, communicate effectively, build trust, and foster positive team interactions.

Micro Talk: Slippers or Shoes?

Working away from the office is something that some people will embrace whilst others might find a bit of a challenge. Learn keys to success, such as having a designated workspace to structuring work.

Keep Moving: Remote Management

Remote working is here to stay. Learn the best practices to managing your team and meet the demands of your customers. But first we must answer the question: what makes the best managers?