Building an Effective Team

Management takes time, commitment and skill. It is easy to underestimate. It can seem daunting. Success is, to a large extent, in the detail. How do you get it all right?

How to Motivate your Team

Fact: people work harder and more effectively if they are motivated. This book shows how managers can motivate people in a way that is neither costly nor time-consuming.

Managing Team Members

Should you carry out performance reviews? Are these new to you? In this book you’ll find practical suggestions on how to deal with your team members – The Good, The Bad and The Okay.

Lift off Agile Teams - Iterations

This workbook contains a set of tools and techniques to help Scrum Masters, facilitators, Agile Coaches and Agile practitioners to lift off Agile teams during iterations.

50 Ways to lead your sales team

Are you the Leader your people deserve? 50 Ways to lead your sales team will give you the tools and opportunity to answer that question.

There's no "I" in TEAM

Wherever you work, it's almost certain that you'll be part of a team. The ability to work as an effective team member is something all employers look for in their staff.

Agile Teams - Improvement Tools and Exercises

This book contains a set of tools and techniques to help Scrum Masters, facilitators, Agile Coaches and Agile practitioners to help Agile teams improve continuously.


Teambuilding means shaping your people into a productive force.

Team Development

This eBook provides a practical guide to understanding team development and helps you understand how to tackle your day-to-day team building needs.

Keep Moving: Coaching Your Team to Succeed

Learn the fundamentals of effective coaching so that you can have better conversations with your direct reports, build ownership and engagement and expedite their learning and growth.

Understanding why Teams Underperform

Need to understand why teams underperform? This eBook explains why and provides practical advice about how to identify and fix performance problems.

Managing a Project Team

There are many reasons why managing people in a project environment are different from managing them in a departmental setting.

High Value, Low Cost Team Building Activities

This book explains 60 activities, facilitator skills & approaches, post activity debrief and follow up options and suggestions for debrief models, theories & concepts.

Team Building

This eBook describes the core principles of team building and how they will help you get the best out of any team you are asked to manage.