How to organize your work, home and life

Time is an important non-renewable resource that can be used more effectively by organizing your work, your office and yourself. In this book, time management expert H.Taylor explains step-by-step.

Wellbeing at Work, a Practical Guide

Employee wellbeing continues to increase in importance in the modern workplace. Full of proven tips, this book helps you construct a practical program that will help your colleagues thrive at work.

How to keep your life in balance

This book presents a variety of suggestions and strategies – including organization, simplification and mindfulness – so that you can keep work and busyness from threatening a balanced lifestyle.

Internal time management: slowing the pace of life

In this book, time management expert Harold Taylor uses a holistic approach to time management to explain how you can prevent this from happening by managing your internal time.

Juggling Kids and a Career

Hands-on tips, excercises and inspiration to help and guide you, as a working mother, in your busy life.

Keep Moving: Time Management

Learn why tracking your time, minimizing multitasking, taking breaks, and planning your week are critical to improving your personal and professional time management skills.

Expert Talk: Work-Life Balance

Nathaniel interviews amazing experts. People who have started, built and been part of some of the largest brands in the world and made a huge impact.

Keep Moving: Powerful Time Management Tips

We all have the same amount seconds in a day. But why does it seem that some people are able to get the most out of every single second in their day?

Keep Moving: How Kids Thrive as You Work at Home

As a toy designer and expert in play, my conviction of ‘learning through play’ has been tested and supported during these times. Here is how a more relaxed attitude benefits both adults and children.