Where You May Get it Wrong When Writing English

The book includes over 400 suggested correct versions of erroneous samples with useful explanations. New notions for writing in English like quoting and paraphrasing are introduced for the first time.

Micro Talk: Storytelling

So why should you learn this key skill? Find out why storytelling is an essential modern-day business skill.

Writing Persuasive Proposals

The proven practical techniques described in this book show how to make your proposals impress, convince and persuade your colleagues or clients.

Visual Notetaking

Visual notetaking describes the process of converting what you see, think and hear into images and words. This holistic approach will have you creating visually stunning and engaging notes.

Be A Better Writer

You may not be a professional writer. Yet no matter what type of profession you are in, chances are you will need to write something on a professional level at one time or another.

Improve Your Writing Skills

A Step-by-Step Guide to Compelling Content Creation that offers specific, easy to practice strategies and tools.

Learn How to Speed Read

The more you have to read, the less time you have for everything else, so a faster reading speed pays back with every document. In this book, we give you a practical toolkit to speed up your reading.

Taking Meeting Minutes

This eBook explains the importance of take accurate notes during a meeting and how to ensure the circulated minutes are professionally presented.

Writing Non-Fiction Books

Whether a beginning writer or an established author, this book offers information and advice on all aspects of writing, publishing and promoting your non-fiction book.

Business Blogs

This book discusses why businesses need a blog and then goes on to explain how to go about creating, maintaining and promoting it.

Boost Your Profile In Print

Getting yourself into print – how to positively enhance your profile, extend publicity for yourself, your organisation and your product/service - and boost sales.

How to Write Articles for Self-Promotion

This book explains how publishing articles in trade journals, newsletters and other publications serving your target market can build credibility and visibility for you, your company.

Write a Book Project

This e-book (2/7; CAMMP™ Case Studies and Simulation series) includes a full case study of a completed project.

White Paper Writing for Business

This book covers what a white paper is, how to write it, its categories and components, selecting an internal team to write it, and how to hire a professional white paper writer.

Reading Skills for Managers

In a changing world where knowledge is doubled every few years it’s essential that managers become lifelong learners through proactive autonomous reading and learning.

The Upside Down Guide to writing for the Press

This book may not turn you into an award-winning journalist. But, follow its rules and it will help achieve better and more extensive coverage for your press releases.

Expert Talk: Writing a Book about Change

Change consultants Wendy and Maaike had been working together for many years when they took on the new challenge of writing a book together, which changed how they collaborated.